7 Things You Might Have Noticed About Authentic Empaths

By: Anuradha

Empaths are normal people like you and me. You might have so much about them and sometimes you might have even doubt yourself to be an empath! However, we found some unique things about them which may look weird in certain situations.

1. Empaths take on your energy.

One main feature of empath’s is that they take on your energy. They absolutely don’t do it intentionally but you may have noticed some times when you cry, even they start to cry for no reason and sometimes, when you laugh out loud for something, even they would be laughing out with you even without knowing the reason. That’s why empaths are known to be emotional conduits.

2. Extreme intuition.

We all are intuition or gut reactions. But the difference about empaths is that they have that in extreme level. They would what exactly you are thinking and doing just as an extension of your personal being.

3. They can’t be around people for long.

These people are so good in helping and looking after others and most of the times, they end up forgetting themselves. As they absorb the energy of others, they get drained quickly and it is really hard for them to bear out negative energy for long. So, sometimes they would disappear and you would find them only after a reasonable time when they come back fresh and fine. Anyway there is nothing wrong in putting yourself first now and then right?

4. Empaths attract damaged people.

Empaths love to be the consolation of people and they always show a sympathetic heart to the people who are in the need. But there are people who do not like to be healed whom we call as narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths. These people are manipulative and they are drawn to the empaths because of their kind heart.

5. Empaths don’t do big crowds.

Empaths are not introverts but they like to be secluded and live in isolation. That is because the conflicting energies, sounds and voices of large crowds always make them feel gloomy and negative and therefore, most of the times they like to avoid larger crowds.

6. Empaths must live near nature.

Nature has a wonderful effect on empaths as it contains healing properties. Empaths need nature to recharge their lost energies and they are always repulsive for the busy and fast city life.

7. Empaths are best lie detectors.

Empaths are best lie detectors. There is no any use of trying to lie them, because even though they may appear to be not aware of lies, they know well when someone try to make them a fool and it is always better to stay honest with them if you need to win their hearts.

These are only very few traits of these sensitive souls and having them in your life can be a blessing in many cases!