5 Strengths Of People Who Have Been Emotionally Damaged

By: Anuradha

We all can subjected to emotional damages then and there in our lives. When you are fully committed to a relationship which can be there between your family, friends or partners and when you don’t receive the love, affection and kindness in the same degree, most of the times you may face emotional breakdowns.

People normally assume that those who are gone through a hard time in life often become broken inside and they have wounds that can never be cured. But, the truth is that these individuals who have faced break downs, grow up to be strong and resilient and therefore, they do not become victims and in fact, they are the exquisite survivors who have gained a wealth of emotional intelligence.

So, let’s have a look for the strengths of these people who have been emotionally damaged.

1. They are independent.

When you have been emotionally neglected from your childhood, you automatically grow into be strong in your later life. You hardly wait for someone else to come and do the things for you and you learn to become powerful and capable. You have learnt that you are the only person that you can rely on any circumstance and therefore, you learn to become independent.

2. They are incredibly positive and resilient.

This might sound strange as most of us consider the people who are emotionally damaged to be so gloomy and live with the constant hatred of others. but, the truth is that these people are so positive and they always consider challenges and other incidents that cover their paths to be blessings. They have lived through a hard time and therefore, now they know how to survive.

3. They are empathetic towards the pain of others.

They are very good listeners and they always take the lead in helping the people who are having a need because they have gone through sufferings and pain and they know what it feels like. They do not like anyone else to undergone the same pressure that they have experienced and therefore, these people are really empathetic.

4. They believe in giving.

They know how hard it is to survive during those cold, dull days. They did not receive the love and warmth that they needed then and therefore, they know the worth of it. though they didn’t receive 100%, they do not want someone else to undergo the same condition and therefore, they are ready to give almost everything to the one who need them. They will give not only their heart or love but even anything beyond that to please a tender heart.

5. They are quite adaptable.

They have been through lot of difficulties and that itself has made the, flexible now. They can adapt to anything and everything because they are not stubborn and they do not like to hurt the feelings of the ones around them.