21 People Who Started Living a Whole New Life by Losing Weight

If you are someone who is known to be chubby by others, you would know how hard the life is. Constantly getting into people’s notice, facing life time hesitations when entering from doors and that difficulty you experience when fitting-on clothes can hardly be described by words.

Though none of us like to be defined as “fat”, only few really work out to reduce their weight and have their body in proper size. They blame genetics and say you are born to have big limbs. But, now we are going to show some people who really worked out to create a slim future for them. In fact, it is hard to identify them in their old pictures as they have transformed that much. We are showing those people so that even you would be inspired and to work more for your proper shape.

He lost 70lb and she lost 56lb.

“For each pound that I lose, I capture a pokemon! Now I have caught the entire first generaton”

She said bye to 88lb within three months.

They lost 170lb and they say love is the best motivation

Lost 48lb in 8 months.

Though it took 6 years, she finally lost 100lb

He faced so many family issues. Yet, was courageous to lose 84lb in 2 years. He look super handsome now.

She decided to lose weight as her obesity brought her so many health problems. She lost 100lb in 2 years.

She looks so cute after losing 100lb

She tried not only to lose weight but also to be healthy. Her result is impressive.

Thanks to a healthy diet and exercises, he lost 141lb in 16 months.

She lost 92 lb and look divine now

Lost 91lb in 2 years.

She managed her diet and lost 72lb in 7 and half month.

He lost 90lb in 13 months.

She dedicate whole herself to this, and lost 150lb in 15 months.

He miraculously lost 161lb in 7 and half month.

She is the most amazing one. She lost 220lb in 2 years!!

She found the motivation to lose 100lb

He lost 326lb! now he is conducting his own weight-loss coaching program.

“I never thought I would be comfortable to wear a two piece” she confess her early fears.

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