21 Illustrations Capturing The Reality Of Our Modern Society

By: Anuradha

Do you think the world that we live in is safe and free anymore? Is it as beautiful as the way it was ten years ago? Or do people enjoy life in the same way that they did years ago? If you are truthful and honest and if you live with open eyes, then your answer to all these questions should definitely be ‘No’ as long gone are the golden days of Mother Earth.

It is really astonishing to see the way how the world has changed with time. People are no longer friendly and kind to one another but they look at the person next to them only to judge them or to criticize them. They have forgotten the humane qualities of themselves and it is sad to see how people act like wild animals these days. A single woman can hardly walk alone in the road as many greedy eyes are observing her from every corner. They would judge a girl from the length of her dress and would do anything to be rich and famous.

People are really greedy and they never get satisfied with anything. They destroy nature, ruin the beauty of the world and there is no peace in their lives even. In the illustrations below, you will see the reality of the modern world. They show how the world has changed and we know that even you would have a lot to say about this. So, let us know your thoughts and share the pictures that touch your heart the most.

1. Is it safe for them?

2. Shielding the myths from science.

3. You may have a lot to eat. but for them?

4. Will this be a help?

5. How can the length of a dress judge a person?

6. The greedy eyes.


7. Their future in the modern world.

8. Let’s judge others!

9. Selfishness.

10. It is easy to wipe them out, but the consequences will only be felt tomorrow.

11. The sad plight of modern students.

12. Tomorrow would surely be bleak when you are a mechanic under a big shot.

13. The silent killer.

14. Modern technology helps to create your own demise.

15. Soon we all would be added to the list of highly endangered.

16. When doing something good has become a commodity.

17. Wealth can decide your fate.

18. The commodification of the female kind.

19. Our future from an artistic angle.

20. Pay attention to your surroundings.

21. Stop criticizing others while having your own follies.