15 Ways The Girl With The Big Heart But Sarcastic Mind Loves Differently

By: Anuradha

All the girls are not as alike as we all know. Most of the boys prefer caring, loving and cute type as it is easy to spend time with them. They will laugh at whatever the joke you make, will listen to everything that you say and probably will stay as the perfect heroine of the silliest romantic movie that you have ever watched.

In contrast, there is this type that loves you like hell and will do everything that you ask her to do but not in complete silence. She will do them while rolling her eyes or ‘tweeting’ the dumbest thing that comes to her mind. You will feel that you having the most complex relationship ever and though you know she loves you, still, you wonder about her inner thoughts. It will be difficult to understand her and she will do most things in a different way than the other women that you know.

Here are 15 things that a girl with a bigger heart and a sarcastic mind do differently from others. Have a look! 

1. She has no filter.

She says whatever the thing that comes to her mind without considering whether her comment is rude or appropriate and in her girl’s gang she would be known as the blunt one.

2. She doesn’t like to be vulnerable.

She loves well from the bottom of her heart and when it comes to hurt, she is also getting hurt to the deepest corner easily. So, you will have to be cautious when dealing with her.

3. Opening up is hard for her.

She will always be willing to jump into your arms and cuddle for hours but the emotional opening is not that easy for her. You have to be patient and tolerate her stubbornness if you need to know her true self.

4. At times, she may seem indifferent.

It is not that she is being indifferent. It is only that she is good in putting up a front.

5. Underneath her hard exterior, she is much.

She will wear all these bands, rings and may appear rustic. But, you must keep in mind that she is so soft inside. Her hard mask is just her way to face her fears.

6. She is the best listener.

She will be a good listener as she is attentive to what you e saying and as she needs to make you happy. She will always comfort you at the moment that you need and her presence will be a blessing to you.

7. She doesn’t half-a** anything.

She is either into you or she is not. She never wastes her time if she is not sure about you.

8. Her sense of humor.

She is always laughing and she will win others easily with her good old jokes.

9. She will appreciate the little things that you do.

She has a big heart and an easy humor. She naturally welcomes all little things like kissing her on the forehead or opening doors for her as special and even though she teases you for being cheesy, she will naturally appreciate them a great deal.

10. She loves thoughtful gifts.

She never cares about the price tag. What actually matters here is the quality and the use of the gifts. She will appreciate your effort and thoughtfulness endlessly if you make the right choice.

11. Secretly she is a hopeless romantic.

Though she might not show what she really feels, she is secretly romantic and the depth of her heart is never-ending.

12. She will not say ‘I love you’ first.

No matter how much she loves you, she will control herself so as not to let out her emotions and you are supposed to dig out her heart.

13. She is an over-thinker.

She will think endlessly over useless issues but she will like to see others as under-thinkers.

14. She is little rough around the edges.

She will be rough around the edges but deep down she will be as delicate as everyone else.

15. She is both bad*ass and sensitive.

She is worth to have a man! Never let her go.