11 Signs You’re Dealing With A Truly Evil Person

By: Anuradha

Evil is not something strange for us. We all have experienced various forms of evil in our daily lives. It can be the rude principal in your school or the monstrous boss at your work place. Whoever it is, evil is inevitable and dealing with that in the easiest way possible is the thing that we all should do.

Sometimes if the closest ones that you associate are evil, your life would also be a hell and therefore, watch out for these signs in the ones you associate because it is always better to be away from those people.

1. Denying reality.

Evil people will never appreciate the good things that you do. You will always be in the wrong path and they will do anything to prove you wrong. Even when you have done something right, they will deny that and make you the culprit.

2. Twisting facts.

Evil person will always twists facts to take advantage for them. They need to appear smart and cool in all the possible moments and therefore they will even re-create stories to take advantage for them.

3. Withholding information.

They don’t like to lose people or things that they can take profit from and therefore they will lie and do anything to keep up their good name. They will withhold information just for the sake of using them later.

4. Misleading.

They will use information to mislead you and make you a victim in their plans. Your fears and worries would always be in their use and therefore most of the times you will end up being the culprit of their schemes.

5. Constant lying.

They will create the most disgusting lies ever to create a good portfolio for them. Lying is not something ridiculous for them and they will always find comforts in lies.

6. Feel no remorse.

They feel no remorse for all the bad things that did. For them, all those mean acts are just part of the plan for achieving something bigger and they will never be sorry for what they did.

7. Avoiding responsibility.

They never take responsibility for the things they do because they hardly do anything to be happy about. They will harm people and hurt their hearts but will never take responsibility for what they did.

8. Manipulative.

They have mastered the art of manipulating. They will make you feel stupid and worthless and will always make you do what they want.

9. Fair-weather friends.

They are the ones who associate people just to take some profit from them. They will stay with you only in your good times and in your distress and worries, you will not be able to find even a glimpse of them.

10. Steal your time.

They will make you waste your time because you can be a possible threat for them in achieving success. They will make you addicted to video games or any form of unnecessary enjoyment so that they can stay one step ahead of you in everything.

11. Double lives.

They are whole existence is a pretending. They show different faces to different people and cover up their lives with lies. They can’t possibly be truthful to anyone or anything as they already being built on lies.

So, if you are dealing with a person who possesses these things, try to be away from them as much as possible and be conscious about your moves and words.