10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mess With An Empath

By: Anuradha

Empaths are truly gifted people with a strong sensitivity. They can sense things in a far stronger way than the others and therefore, it is not easy to cheat them or make fun out of them. They understand people even by their sights and the ability to read minds often help them to distinguish people. They will be good listeners and great trouble solvers as they know how to listen to the heart of people.

One of the greatest talents that they possess is the awareness of human psychology. One look can tell them whether a particular person is a liar, faker or an evil one.

So, here are 10 reasons why you should not mess up with an Empath ever.

1. They can detect lies easily.

Even if you are not an Empath, you might be able to detect lies when a person adds unnecessary things to a story or looking at their eyes or even by looking at their facial expressions. But, Empaths can detect lies even without looking at these features as they are naturally gifted with that talent. So, it would be really hard for anyone to lie to them and cheat on them.

2. They can sense jealousy.

Empaths can easily understand when others are jealous of them. No matter how hard people try to conceal their jealousy, they sense it naturally but they would pretend as if they know nothing as they don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

3. You cannot fool them.

As empaths are gifted with the natural ability to understand other people, it is really hard to fool them. They can understand fakers really soon and they would try to distance themselves from that person on these occasions.

4. They can sense hatred.

One of the special ability of empaths is their power to detect hatred. In fact, it is really hard for them to stand a negative aroma and they will feel so depressed when they feel someone hates him/her. So, they will try to distance themselves from the people who hate them.

5. They see your prejudices.

Empaths can see within your souls. They can easily understand when you have prejudices based on skin colors or based on other criteria. They don’t like to mingle with people who have pre-conceived notions within their minds and therefore if you are someone who is filled with prejudices, then, of course, an empath will not stand your presence.      

6. They know when you are not okay.

Empaths have a strong sense of feeling and therefore, they can easily understand when someone is not in the mood. They will listen carefully to people who are distressed and will try to help them in the most convenient way possible.

7. They hate insincere flattery.

You can hardly win them by false flattery as they know when someone flatters them insincerely. They don’t like to see people who compliment them in a false way and therefore, they would hardly care for such persons.

8. bThey know when someone is on the wrong path.

It is lucky to have an empath as a friend because they always guide their friends on the correct path. They sense when someone or something goes wrong and therefore, it is wise to listen to them.

9. They know when you pretend to be someone you are not.

Empaths can easily understand when people do drama with them. They hate this quality in people and they always value the ones who are genuine and real. They don’t judge people based on their flaws and therefore, it is good to show your real self to them than pretending to be someone who you really are not.

10. They can identify exploitation.

They don’t tolerate when people try to use them. They will quickly drift away from the ones who are trying to exploit them and therefore, they don’t like to mingle with people who violate their privacy.