If Your Husband Does These 10 Things, Then He Is A Keeper

By: Anuradha

All of us might not be that lucky when it comes to love and marriage. Sometimes, we find the right one and sometimes we find he is not the one we have been looking for. So, everything has its own twists and turns. However, if your husband does these things I’m sure you have hit the marriage jackpot. He is the best guy you will ever find and yeah, you should try your best to make him happy as well!

1. He says ‘I Love you’ often.

Most people think that saying these three words often reduce the worth of the love and therefore, these words should be said only on those rare occasions when it is really compulsory. But if your man says these words often, it only means that he really loves you in all his living moments and he is not afraid to communicate it.

2. He loves his mom.

If your man still loves and respect his mother, then that is a good sign to say he will do the same with you too. His mom was the first lady that he fell in love with and he might still feel those sparkles within him. Even when she is not there with him and even when things have changed, if he loves her the same, that means you will also be oved and cared with the same intensity every day.

3. He still flirts with you.

If he still flirts with you and do those little things that make your butterflies fly in the stomach and make you smile, then that is a sure sign to say he is still young in his heart and he loves you in the same way that he loved you at the time you first fell in love. So, if he does these I’m sure you should surely be in a happy marriage.

4. He puts you before anyone else.

When he is committed to you, he will give not a part of him to you but whole himself. You will be his priority and he will always worry about your comfort and your desires even before thinking about his own needs.

5. He makes mundane tasks fun.

The best thing about marriage life is that you two are there always together and if you find the right one then of course he will make your life a better one. When he is there with you, even doing the dishes or taking the dog for a walk will seem really fun and these little things will increase the quality of your relationship too.

6. He encourages you to pursue your dreams.

I have heard many married ladies complaining how they had to give up their jobs or education after marriage and now most of them have become house wives looking after the daily chorus. But, when you marry the right guy, he will never stop you from pursuing your dreams and in fact, he will encourage you to reach your goals even when you go back.

7. He comforts you when you are down.

Sometimes, you might get quite mad with all the things that you have to do and sometimes lot of other things might bother you. At such times, if you didn’t get enough mental support from the ones besides you, you can be totally collapse. When you have a husband who really cares for you, this will not happen as he is too much concerned about all your moves and worries and he will always be there to make you feel good when you need a support.

8. He is a hard worker.

A good husband will always work too hard to make you and the family happy. He will do everything within his reach to give you the best of everything and even without considering his pains and worries, he will work to make your life a better one.

9. He surprises you.

When he loves you truly, he will do everything to make you smile. Sometimes, he will take you on a romantic date and sometimes he will make meals for you and simply, his love will have no any limits or boundaries for you.

10. He gives you compliments.

Compliments are compulsory for a healthy relationship. In most of affairs, once the sparks of the love are gone, partners didn’t bother even to notice when the other one put on a new dress or take a new haircut. But, if you have a good husband he will always appreciate you and say how much he is proud to have you.

So, check whether your husband belong to this category and if not, tell him this is how you wants him to be!