Drinking Wine May Help You Live Over 90 Years!

By: Anuradha

People love to live longer specially, when they feel they have only few years left to live. The desire to the wedding of your granddaughter and see her kids would always be there on your mind but you would also know that your old age would not permit you to do those. However, we have a secret for you that will surely help you to have a longer and a healthy life no matter what’s the age you are.

Live longer with wine

A study which was named as “90+ study” began their study in 2003 with the hope of studying the oldest old which is the fastest growing age group in the world. The initial participants of were part of another study called the Leisure World Cohort Study which began in 1981. 14000 participants from Orange country were participated in this study.

According to the information taken from these 14000 participants, researchers raise the question as what allows people to live beyond 90.

The goals of this study were to;

  • Determine factors associated with a long life.
  • Examine the epidemiology of dementia in the oldest-od.
  • Examine the functional declines of old age.
  • Determine the risk factors for mortality.

Participants had to participate twice a year for neurological and neurophysiological tests. In the meantime researchers collected information about the diet and their activities on a daily basis.

One strange factor that the researchers found out was those who consume alcohol live longer than the ones who didn’t. They also found out that moderate coffee drinkers too had a longer life span.

By the glass or by the bottle?

Don’t misunderstand that consuming alcohol is good. In fact, wine is good for longevity only when it is consumed in moderate portions. Heavy drinking will of course give you so many troubles and therefore you should be mindful about the amount you are having.

According to the Mayo clinic women and men who are above 65 only one drink is recommended. For men under 65 it is two drinks. But these are not big cups.

Benefits of this moderate drinking are

reduce the risk of dying from heart diseases.

lower the chances of ischemic stroke.

reducing the risk of getting diabetes.

So don’t be afraid to have a glass of wine after dinner or on your way home. You just have to be mindful as not to drink too much. A study that was published in British Journal of Sports Medicine says that negative effects on unhealthy drinks can be minimised by engaging in exercises.

Senior author of the study Dr Emmanuel Stamatakis along with his colleagues’ looked at the data collected from the study and spilt the participants into 3 groups. They were divided on the basis of active members, who get moderate amount of exercises and so. Then they looked how much alcohol the people in each group consumed.

What they could basically observe was that the more drinks they had in a week, the greater the risk of death from cancer.  Drinking at hazardous levels was linked to a heightened risk of death from all causes.  However, if they practised the adequate amount of exercises, the harmful causes seem to wipe off.

The results of this Stamatakis’ study show a relationship between exercise, alcohol consumption and the health benefits. However, when you are going to have a glass of wine make sure that you take enough exercises too!