57 Year Old Woman Breaks Down Traditional Beauty Stereotypes By Her Sexy Portraits!

By: Anuradha

We all have a desire to look good. From a young girl who applies her mom’s lipsticks to a grand ma who choose fashions for the age, have a wish to be beautiful. That is the nature of humans. That is how we all are.

Now a days, we see beauty is more like framed by the commercial markets.  If you are a woman you have to be over 5.5 inches, a slim waist and a fair skin to be called pretty. If you are a man you need to have 6 packs to be labelled as handsome. But, out of all these we generally pay attention to the age as an important factor in deciding beauty. There would hardly be any models who are above 30.

But, recently 57 year old, Texan Julie Holloway who is famous with the name “Burning lotus” challenged all these ideologies by her beauty. She was not afraid to display her body just because she is old and now all her portraits have won hundreds of people’s love.

“I am a relative newcomer to modelling and clearly am many years older than most models here. I enjoy the experience of being in front of the camera and think of it as an adventure and as an opportunity to learn”.

Julie has always concerned about her body, since she was young. She has practiced dancing and now she challenges her body with different activities. 

“I have extensive training in both yoga and dance but am currently interested in other athletic pursuits and train as a power lifter. ”

She decided to do modelling after trying her own point-and-shoot camera. She needed to show the world that it is not fair to corner anyone because of age. She knew she is beautiful and she needed to inspire others by her act. Some professional photographers, who were awed with her unique looks, took the challenge and did some amazing portraits of her.  So now Julie or the burning lotus is best known for her artistic intimate photos which show her natural beauty as a mature woman.

“I started the process of self-portraiture from a place of great personal pain and tragedy. Initially it was simply a form of documentation that I was still here and that I continued to exist.”

“I was trained as a dancer as a child and raised by a mother who refused to believe that the human body was shameful and she felt I was capable of accomplishing anything that interested me, the combination of deep connection to my body and feeling confident about my own singularity was a powerful influence for me.”

“I posted my images initially as a dare to myself- again, an affirmation of existence”.

Julie now posts her self-portraits on her Tumbler account and receives a lot of support from women of all ages.

“I simply see the human body as an amazing machine with many moving parts. And parts are parts. Society assigns value and stigma on what is acceptable and what is not.”

“I absolutely get more unconditional love and support than I feel I deserve for my ‘therapy’. I get notes routinely from every kind of person that you can imagine that let me know that I inspire them, they like themselves better, bring them hope about the aging process and/or they are no longer frightened about growing old, that they admire my courage, that they find me unexpectedly sexy, that they now like ink and piercings.”

We do think that Julie is a great inspiration to everyone who feels bad just because they are old or have some defect in their body. We all are beautiful. We should learn to love the body.