23 Photos to Show that Humanity Still Exists

Today we are living in a world filled with humans. But, if someone asks where did you last see any act of kindness, do you have an answer to give? Or simply, when did you last do something kind to someone?

Well, little acts of kindness always bring a smile to everyone’s faces. We all like to see the world as a beautiful place but, to make it beautiful we all should contribute. We found some interesting pictures that would show you humanity still exists. Some of the people mentioned below do not have even a place to live. Some of them do not have anything to eat. But, they are rich in heart than many of us.

We are showing these pictures so that you would feel how good it is to bring a smile to a strange face and we hope this would inspire you to do more and more beautiful things in your life.

We should say “thank you” for whoever it is, for doing this..
She is volunteering for shooting dog’s pictures to find them homes.
He is teaching kids “Words” without having
A police officer receives an award from the man he helped save.
She stops taking orders to help an elderly man navigate the rainy walk to his seat. She was so patient with him during his slow order and even brought his food outside for him.
As he couldn’t find a cup, he let the cat drink from his palms.
A chef cooked free foods every day for the people who can’t afford to go to his restaurant.
She does everything to please the little girl.
Every day he drives miles and miles in drought conditions to provide water to thirsty wild animals.
He was looking for vet services to treat the injured sparrow he had found.
He got to know that his driver has never been to an amusement park and so he invited him and paid for him.
The 6 year old girl donate 13 inches of her hair!
This is Anthony Borges. He is just 15 years old and he used his body to hold a classroom door shut, protecting 20 other students inside. A gunman fired through the door, hitting him 5 times.
She made cookies and bought them to the local nursing home to visit a lady who has not been visited by anyone since three years.
Syrian refugee hands out food to the homeless in Germany to “give something back”
For 12 years, this man has been cuddling babies in intensive care.
The babysitter of one of this professor’s students has not showed up and the student has bought the child for lectures.
“Our janitor is a huge Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan. Since the prices were so high, he was devastated about not being able to go to their concert. So, all the students came together and bought him tickets.”
He does not even have a home. But, he collects garbage on the beach every day without asking anyone for money.
This family built a special wheelchair for their son so that he can feel the sea.
A very generous book store.
Two officers bought lunch for a mentally handicapped man.
Fans throwing toys at a stand where there are little patients from a local hospital.

Preview photo credit redgrrr / reddit